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I am having an Open Studio Sale December 2nd and 3rd

Its my first sale in a looooong time! I will be selling my work at my studio in the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, CA. I am participating in the East Bay Open Studios Winter Sale from December 2nd-3rd, 11am-5pm. There will be lots of functional work for sale (bowls, cups, plates) and some planters and even some work from my "wolves" series where I explored encorporating some slipcasting into my work. Below is more background info about my recent work as well as some images. Thank you!

In 2022 or so I found a personal studio work space by reconnecting with one of my very early ceramic mentors who had a large studio and wanted to share the space located in the Sawtooth Building. This gave me an opportunity to return to making high fire (cone 10ish) ceramics. For the last 10 years or so, alternatively, I would produce all my work, for the most part, at mid fire temps (cone 5-6). This change in firing temperature gives me a chance to explore surfaces of my work in different ways as temperature effects the materials I am most familiar with differently.

Since relocating to my new studio space, I've reaquainted myself by way of producing a large body of functional ceramics that will be on sale during the East Bay Open Studios Winter Holiday Sale. My explorations into form, glaze, textures and design are all at play here using this opportunity as a chance to re-approach ceramics in a fresh and more focused perspective. Lets hope it pays off!

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