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 Stephen discovered clay in 2004 at City College San Francisco via the potters wheel and never looked back.  Working as a lab tech provided him with a wealth of information and experience in and around the ceramic studio. He then moved to Brooklyn, NY where he worked as a studio assistant, instructor and employee at a small private studio.  Returning to the Bay Area, Stephen continued making work and teaching classes and workshops to the ceramics community.  Over time, Stephen has come to focus more on surface treatment techniques and processes, coming to rely less on traditional wheel thrown utilitarian forms.

     In 201In 2015, Stephen co founded Merritt Ceramics, a community driven pottery studio, offering classes, workshops, memberships and private events while he continues to produce his work. 

     Recently reconnecting with one of his early mentors has given him the opportunity to return to high fire reduction firings after over 10 years of firing in oxidation.  Stephen sees this as an opportunity to step up his production and especially his quality of work after having little time to focus on his work the last 5+ years due to prioritizing the founding of Merritt Ceramics.

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